“Of courage undaunted and a fidelity to truth I could have no hesitation confiding the enterprise to him.”


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W 8th Street & Jefferson Street
Ermine Case Junior Park
Kansas City, MO 64105
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When Lewis and Clark stopped at this spot on September 15, 1806, atop a high bluff with a sweeping view of the Missouri River Valley, they noted that the site offered a "commanding situation for a fort."

Corps of Discovery overlooks the confluence of the Missouri and Kansas rivers from Case Park. This sculpture of the famous Louis and Clark Expedition is seen in the round. The 18 ft. sculpture has a tri-level marble base that holds a bronze statue of four people and a dog along with their personal articles on top of the rocks. There are two figures facing east. York, William Clark's slave, is holding a rifle in his right hand with the left hand resting on the dog, Seaman. In front of them is a trunk with "U.S. Cap. M. Lewis" inscribed on it. To the left of the dog is another trunk. Three figures face west. The highest figure, Meriwether Lewis is holding a telescope in his right hand. Sacagawea, their Shoshone guide is in front of him. She has a basket with figs in her right hand. In front of and to the left of Lewis is Clark holding a pouch in his left hand and a map and compass in his extended right.

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