Encounter the Border and Civil War exhibit, Native American exhibit, and the local history of Miami County.


Mon-Sat 10 am-4 pm

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12 E Peoria
Paola, KS 66071
Phone: 913-294-4940

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The museum also has an extensive Native American exhibit, with complete arrow heads dating back to 10,000 B.c., as well as pottery shards dating 6,500 B.C., all found in Miami County.

The museum is home to the history of John Brown and William Quantrill. John Brown settled in Osawatomie while Quantrill initially settled in Paola as a school teacher, before turning guerrilla. There are artifacts, including photos, weapons and even an amputation kit from this period. The building the museum is in was once a turn of the century coffin shop, and the museum has a collection of wicker coffins.


Stories & Comments

Beatriz Giraldo  |  on 10/18/2011

This museum is so much more than advertised and could be expected. I saw the article on it in the August K.C. Star newspaper ad, stating that it was one of the "Civil War Treasures" of the Kansas/Missouri area. It was everything the article said it was and more. I plan on bringing more of my family members to this museum as soon as possible. The museum's director explained that this exhibit in partnership with the Freedom Frontier National Heritage Area has made this exhibit a total success.

Alvaro Flores  |  on 10/19/2011

After seeing all of the fascinating artifacts the Miami County Historical Museum has to offer, I can't wait to visit and see this amazing museum in person!

Sarah @ Mum In Bloom  |  on 10/20/2011

This museum is a hidden treasure indeed. My children love the exhibits and the volunteers who work here are very friendly and knowledgeable. My in-laws from Maryland go to this museum each time they visit to help them tie the history links between Kansas and the East Coast. Keep up the good work!

Martha Salazar  |  on 10/20/2011

This museum is definitely amazing. I will go asap with all my family to see the historical exhibits.
Good Work!!

Mike Hursey  |  on 10/21/2011

This museum is so GREAT!! Tallest man in world lived here at one time. Vivian Vance went to school here. Roy Rodgers and W.C. Fields visited.
All in Miami County

Kathi Vandever  |  on 10/24/2011

This museum has exploded with new exhibits & history of the Civil War in Miami County. Now is a great time to see the displays, because it is the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. I visit every time I am in Paola and always discover more interesting history in Miami County. Did you know there used to be a large circus that wintered in Paola?!

Charles Frey  |  on 1/11/2012

Great Exhibits! Great staff!

AngieO  |  on 3/18/2012

I took my kids there on a field trip with 2 other families. We had so much fun looking though the exhibits, and getting a real feel for the history of the area!! You wouldn't realize the sheer scope of this museum by driving by. Even the smallest of our group was so interested, we stayed for hours. My 14 year old even said that he had no idea history could be fun to learn. They were mesmerized - as was I! I will be visiting again, and sharing this gem with everyone I know, guaranteed.

Alexandra  |  on 4/16/2012

Great website :)

Hannes Poetter  |  on 1/24/2013

Paola Town Square about 1900. Make sure to visit our facebook page at the Miami County Historical Museum, where you can find many pictures showing life in Kansas 90-150 years ago.
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Miami County Historical Museum
Miami County Historical Museum
Main Gallery Containing 40 Enlarged Photos of Miami County Early Settlers, and Border and Civil War Veterans
Civil War Dragoon Jacket with Two Bullet Holes, Belonged to 1st Sergeant Daniel Carpenter
Border War/Civil War Room Containing Numerous Weapons and Diaries from Border/Civil War Period
Photo of John Brown.  Miami County is Home of the Battle of Osawatomie, just minutes from our Museum
One of our Large 20" x 30" Photos of the Paola Square During the 1860's
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