Shared Stories of the Civil War  

A collection of primary source based theater scripts produced by Kansas Humanities Council in cooperation with Freedom's Frontier. Shared Stories of the Civil War project features stories created from historical letters, diaries, newspaper articles, and other materials. These voices from history provide insight into how 19th century Americans living in Kansas and Missouri struggled to define the meaning of freedom during the Bleeding Kansas and Civil War years. The stories are written as reader's theater scripts intended for use by libraries, museums, art centers, senior centers, and middle/high school or college classrooms. Historians have reviewed all scripts. 

Teaching with Freedom's Frontier Historic Places
"Teaching with Freedom's Frontier Historic Places" is a series of lesson plans using national register nominated structures within the 41 counties of Freedom's Frontier. Modeled after the National Park Service program "Teaching with Historic Places," these lesson plans provide new ways of looking at our local history. Each location selected reflects one of the three core themes of Freedom's Frontier: Shaping the Frontier, the Missouri Kansas Border War, and the Enduring Struggle for Freedom.

Bus on Us! 

The Freedom’s Frontier National  Heritage Area (FFNHA) “Bus on Us” grant program is designed to assist educators and schools with the cost of transportation to field trips within the heritage area that also align with the themes of Freedom’s Frontier (Missouri Kansas Border War, Shaping the Frontier, and Struggles for Freedom). Freedom's Frontier is not able to provide funding for schools outside of the 41 counties in Kansas and Missouri that make up the heritage area. Due to uncertainty in the Federal funding cycle, Freedom's Frontier is not currently accepting applications for Bus On Us! grants.

Tacha Freedom Award
Deanell Reece Tacha, Retired Judge with the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, served as the founding Chair of the Board of Trustees of Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area (FFNHA) from 2004-2010. To honor her work, the FFNHA board has established an award that will engage students in grades 8-11. The Award is intended to be a way to help students learn about the issues, ideas, people and events that contribute to the themes of FFNHA. The Award is to be a cash prize given to high school student(s) in grades 8-11 residing in or attending school in Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area based upon a winning scholarly/creative work that relates to the history  of  the area and the themes of FFNHA.

Upcoming Events for Educators at Heritage Area Partner Sites

 Curriculum Standards

NEW! Field Trip Guide (MO) K-5- Click here to view a field trip guide with FFNHA sites matches to the MO Standards for grades K-5.  

NEW! Field Trip Guide (MO) 6-8 Click here 

NEW!Field Trip Guide (MO) High School Click here

One of the guiding principles of Freedom’s Frontier is to “consider future generations in everything we do.” The stories of Freedom’s Frontier can spark children’s imaginations and inspire in them respect for multiple perspectives. Additionally, local history education helps students to understand and care for the place where they live.

The stories of Freedom’s Frontier help teachers in both Missouri and Kansas to meet state curriculum standards. Teachers from outside the area can use these stories to meet National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies.


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