Quick! What was the most memorable experience you had on your last vacation? If it involved browsing through a museum, imagining life in days past at a historic site, or hiking a historic trail, chances are that the term "Heritage Traveler" fits you to a T.

Heritage travelers look for opportunities to connect with authentic places, artifacts and stories about people of the past. Scores of places like that partner with Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area to tell the nationally significant stories of the shaping of the frontier, the Missouri-Kansas Border War, and the enduring struggle for freedom. Explore Places to See in Freedom's Frontier today.

Freedom's Frontier has more than 200 Partner sites. Visit museums. See National Historic Sites such as Forts, and Brown V. Board of Education, housed in the school which was part of the landmark decision to end segregation. If you like historic house museums, there are many to see. You'll also find links to trails, prairies and parks, libraries, archives, historical societies, and other places to research local history and genealogy.

Freedom’s Frontier is an internationally recognized region in western Missouri and eastern Kansas where a young nation’s diverse definitions of freedom collided. Through sharing authentic and honestly interpreted stories, residents respect multiple views of freedom. Compelling learning experiences, interpretation, and preservation offer visitors and residents of all ages an understanding of the region’s importance. Historically aware citizens collaborate to build diverse economies for current and future generations.


Our Mission Statement:
Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area (FFNHA) is dedicated to building awareness of the struggles for freedom in western Missouri and eastern Kansas. The diverse, interwoven, and nationally important stories grew from a unique physical and cultural landscape. FFNHA inspires respect for multiple perspectives and empowers residents to preserve and share these stories. We achieve our goals through interpretation, preservation, conservation, and education for all residents and visitors.

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