From 1804 to 1806 the Lewis and Clark Expedition journeyed over 3,700 miles searching for an all-water route to the Pacific Ocean. What they found instead was a land of breathtaking natural beauty, legendary adventure and friendly Native peoples who helped show them the way.

The 11 states of the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail begins at the meeting of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers and goes all the way to the Rocky Mountains…then links up with the Clearwater and Snake Rivers, West to the mighty Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean. In between are all the great sights, adventures…and fun!…providing you with unforgettable vacation experiences that will last a lifetime of memories.

The Lewis and Clark Trail also passes through Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area.

The Lewis and Clark Trail partnership program has created driving tours, accessible with the website and a series of print brochures. This program is Funded and sponsored in part with the support of the National Park Service, the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation, participating federal and state tourism and parks agencies, and county and city tourism bureaus across the 11-state Lewis and Clark National Historical Trail from Illinois to Oregon. Kansas City is part of Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area, so all of the tours listed below are at least partially in the heritage area:

Lewis and Clark Auto Tours in Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area (includes links to all of the Auto Tours listed below)
Kansas Auto Tour 1, Kansas City, Leavenworth, Atchison, Manhattan, and Overland Park Tour
Kansas Auto Tour 2, Kansas City, Salina, and Wichita Tour
Kansas Auto Tour 3, Kansas City, KS, and Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area (Map below shows this Auto Tour. For details about the stops along the trail, follow the link for Kansas Auto Tour 3.)
Missouri Auto Tour 5, Kansas City, MO, and Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area Tour

Kaw Point Park, in Kansas City, Kansas, is just one of the many places in Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area where you can explore Lewis and Clark Trail history!

For more information about places to see, and things to do along the trail, go to, in Kansas:,,,,,, and; and on the Missouri side:, and

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