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1st Quarter - February 2013

Gardner Historical Museum
Civil War Expo and Cell Phone Application
The Civil War Expo will bring a large group of re-enactors, artisans, storytellers and at least one scholar together in one place. The impact of this event will be enhanced by its timing which coincides with the Festival of the Trails event, increasing its visibility and participation by local and regional citizens. The scope of this event in larger than it has been in the past.
The cell phone application will be utilized in publishing information about the event to cell phone users as well as making users aware of Settling the Frontier, Border War, and Enduring Struggles for Freedom stories through featuring the museum exhibits which interpret these stories. The lasting impact the cell phone tour will have on the community will be allowing a younger generation additional resources to tour the Gardner Museum. This will allow the museum to reach a wider audience and interpret stories that discuss the themes of Freedom’s Frontier.
Amount of Grant Request: $1,150.00

Marla Quilts, Inc.
Quantrill’s Raid Story Quilt: The Enduring Struggle for Freedom in Lawrence
This project will commemorate Quantrill’s Raid on Lawrence through a community-based project that will result in an artistic three-dimensional visual representation of the Raid and the Enduring Struggles for Freedom within Lawrence that followed. The final product will be an 83-inch by 83-inch Story Quilt accompanied by additional media that records and interprets the struggle for freedom in Lawrence. This project will look at Quantrill’s Raid and the Civil War in Lawrence through a new lens. It will tie the legacy of the Civil War through the Civil Rights struggle and the enduring struggle for freedom that continues to this day.
Amount of Grant Request: $5,000.00

Second Quarter - May 2013

Fort Scott National Historic Site
35th Anniversary Temporary Exhibit
To commemorate the 35th anniversary of Fort Scott Historical Park becoming Fort Scott National Historic Site, the site will create a temporary exhibit of nine 24” x 36” posters mounted on foam core and placed on easels, all with text and photos/illustrations, highlighting changes to the site. Besides highlighting site history, the exhibit shall highlight how local citizens can effect change. Most notable is how the previously ignored story of the enlistment of free and formerly enslaved African American refugees into the first black unit organized by a Northern state and the first such unit to participate in combat can lead to national historic designations. The recent certification as an Underground Railroad site further explains the enduring struggle for freedom at FSNHS. But the local community needs to understand how their predecessors won the recognition battle.
Amount of Grant Request: $491.50

Territorial Capital Museum and Lecompton Historical Society
Digitization/Interpretation/Exhibition Project of the Lecompton Historical Society’s Gieseman Territorial Kansas Map Collection
The museum is requesting an Interpretive Grant from Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area to digitize 25 maps and have the maps copied. Some of the map copies will be framed and exhibited with interpretive signage. The map copies not displayed will be available for study and/or special exhibition. This will increase the museum’s audience and allow the further spread the story of Territorial Kansas and its changing borders and cultural landscape. Having the maps available for viewing and having them interpreted will improve the visitor experience at the Territorial Capital Museum, both in-person and by internet access.
Amount of Grant Request: $2,500.00

Lowell Milken Center
Enduring Struggles For Freedom in Bourbon County, Eastern Kansas and Western Missouri: Jewish, Native and African American Exhibits
This project will develop three exhibits with students from various counties in the area. These three exhibits will feature the struggle for freedom and equality of Jewish citizens from the 19th century, Native Americans from the early 19th century and African Americans from the 20th century. These exhibits will be featured in the center’s expanding outreach for tourism. The number of tourists to the exhibit area has grown every year of the center’s six-year existence. The area’s rich history adds to the increasing scope of high quality exhibits.

  • Struggle for equality of Jewish citizens in Eastern Kansas and specifically in Fort Scott: This exhibit will present the Jewish life of the 19th and some of the 20th centuries in the Freedom’s Frontier area. Students from numerous schools and tourists to the center will be exposed to a culture that they may be unaware of in this area. This exposure will also emphasize teaching tolerance. Primary documents and photographs will be included.
  • Struggle for equality of Native Americans in the early 19th century: This exhibit will present the Osage struggle to keep their homelands and lifestyle secure. The Osage Nation of Pawhuska, Oklahoma is aiding with this exhibit. Also, the center has Kansas and Missouri educators who will be assisting in the exhibit presentation.
  • Struggle for equality of African Americans in the 20th century: This exhibit explores African American life in this region and the transformation from segregation to integration. Members of the local African American community are assisting with the development of this exhibit. Primary documents and photographs will be included.

Amount of Grant Request: $5,000.00

St. Joseph Museums, Inc.
Video Education and Marketing Project
St. Joseph Museums, Inc. will create a video marketing project in cooperation with The American Countryside media group. The project will feature three exhibits/sites in the St. Joseph Museums system that are specifically affiliated with Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area themes. Interviews will be conducted and those interviews will be edited into six features (two for each exhibit/site). This project will produce six radio features and three video features. Each video will be approximately 90 seconds in length (the length is considered part of best practices for marketing) and will be used to education visitors and promote these exhibits. These three videos will be used in several ways both as a marketing and educational tool for the St. Joseph Museums.
From a marketing perspective, the videos will be streaming on AmericanCountryside.com in conjunction with the radio show; they will be uploaded to the new St. Joseph Museums website, to be launched by early Fall; videos will also be uploaded to the St. Joseph CVB YouTube channel as well as Facebook pages of the CVB and Museum and via Twitter. From an educational perspective, videos will be used to tell these stories in the classroom and throughout the community with Museum specific programs such as the Oregon Trail Trunk which will utilize the Wyeth Family video to communicate the FFNHA theme of Shaping the Frontier with 3rd-5th grade level classes; our annual presence at Boy Scout Camp (for 6 weeks) as well as additional school presentations that illustrate Native American life and at community requested presentations talking about the Civil War in St. Joseph.
Amount of Grant Request: $4,000.00

4th Quarter - December 2013

Marla Quilts, Inc.
Turkey Red, A Story Quilt Interpreting the Life of Maria Martin: Missouri Slave, Kansas Contraband
This project will endeavor to interpret a Civil War-era connection between Wayside Rest Plantation in Cass County, Missouri—a newly recognized Network to Freedom Underground Railroad site, and Lawrence, Kansas, through the story of Maria Martin, a woman enslaved at Wayside Rest who was brought as contraband to Lawrence during a raid by Jayhawkers. This project will involve a series of five story quilts to interpret Maria’s story from her life on the plantation through her trip to Kansas. During the process of creating the quilts, a series of interpretive talks will be held on the story, its historical context, and on traditional methods of dying fabric and creating quilts that Maria—a known quilter and seamstress—would have used to create her quilts. This project represents the uncovering of a story that resulted from Marla’s previous grant from FFNHA. As a result of incorporating feedback from the review committee, Marla worked with Carol Bohl to learn about and represent the Missouri perspective in her Quantrill’s Raid story quilt. She, Carol, Carol Pettyman—the owner of Wayside Rest—and Judy Sweets uncovered the story of Maria and her life in Lawrence, which resulted in the successful application by Wayside Rest to the Network to Freedom, and the desire to tell Maria’s story.
Amount of Grant Request: $5,000.00

St. Joseph Parks, Recreation & Civic Facilities/Friends of the Park/River City Development Committee
Paint the Town – Downtown Mural Project
The St. Joseph Parks and Recreation Department with the Friends of the Park/River City Development Committee have partnered with the St. Joseph Downtown Partnership to create and design two murals depicting the city’s role in Western Migration and the American Civil War. The Western Migration Mural will be first, located on the south side of those buildings between 5th and 6th streets facing Edmond Street. The city is currently rebuilding its parking lot directly in front of the proposed murals and afterwards the creation of the first mural will begin. The location of the Civil War mural is still under review. This partnership has engaged mural artist Sam Welty to paint these murals. Mr. Welty is well known for his public murals throughout the east coast. He has gone to great lengths to capture the spirit and adventure of our community’s unique historic past. The total cost for the Western Migration Mural is $125,000.00 and it should be completed by May 2014. If sufficient funding can also be obtained, then the Downtown Mural Partnership will proceed with the Civil War Mural.
Amount of Grant Request: $5,000.00

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