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1st Quarter - February 2014

Van Go, Inc.
Rolling History Mural
Van Go, Inc., in partnership with the City of Lawrence, will create a Rolling History mural, depicting significant historical events, people, and geography. This 200 sq foot mural will be designed and created at Van Go by our Apprentice Artists, 20 at-risk teens who will work with teaching artists, staff, and volunteers after school for 8-weeks. This large-scale mural will be digitally adapted as a ‘wrap’ to be applied on a Lawrence bus. The bus will run a regular night route, but will primarily be designated for community outreach (visiting schools, community events, parades, etc.). A “rolling history” lesson, the eye-catching bus will have lasting and widespread impact on the community.
Amount of Grant Request: $5,000.00

3rd Quarter - August 2014

Lawrence Convention and Visitors Bureau
Abe Burns and Jake Washington: A Foundation for Black Freedom in Post Civil War Kansas (1865-1895)
We only have small bits and pieces of knowledge about Abe Burns and Jake Washington, despite their early works to assist in growing commerce in Lawrence Kansas. There is one well-known photograph of the two men dated 1896 by the Kansas Historical Society. However, there is so very much we do not know about these two pioneers. Were Burns and Washington slaves? Were they born in Kansas? Did they have families? Where are their descendents? The Burns and Washington project is one that requires much research of death records, census, court records, cemetery plots, newspaper archives, church memberships, black historical society, and agricultural records. The project requires the project director go into homes of those elders still living in the area whose ancestors may have known the men. After all has been exhausted, the information gathered will assist in the creation of large display screens, a video and companion booklet to be used at other Freedom’s Frontier sites in Kansas and Missouri. The completed project will help others in understanding how new found freedoms were being utilized and how those freedoms helped individuals become productive, contributing citizens of their own communities.
Amount of Grant Request: $4,000.00

The Monnett Battle of Westport Fund, Inc.
Battle of Westport Sesquicentennial Exhibition -Battle of Westport Visitor Center Museum Special Exhibit
The Monnett Battle of Westport Fund, Inc. (“Monnett Fund”) is sponsoring the Battle of Westport Sesquicentennial Exhibition on October 23-26, 2014. As part of this observation, Monnett Fund is producing a special exhibit in the visitor center containing a loaned collection of artifacts recovered from the adjacent battlefield on the Byram’s Ford site. These artifacts were only recently rediscovered. The exhibit will recombine portions of the existing materials with these new items to illustrate the lives of the combatants and civilians who struggled for freedom in this decisive Civil War battle which marked the climax of the ten year war on the border.
Amount of Grant Request: $5,000.00

Franklin County Historical Society, Inc
Native Neighbors from Freedom’s Frontier’s Past
The area now called Franklin County, Kansas was once part of the Permanent Indian Frontier, an area designated as the new home of Indians to be removal from the East Coast, South and Great Lakes states. By chance, Kansas’ largest variety of removed Indian groups were settled in the area that would become Franklin County—native Osages and Kanzas, Sac and Fox of the Mississippi, Munsee or Christian Indians, Swan Creek and Black River Chippewas, three bands of Ottawas—Roches de Boeuf, Blanchard’s Fork and Oquawanoxy’s Village--the Mission band of Pottawatomies, and the Illinois tribes—Peoria, Wea, Kaskaskia and Piankeshaw. The Shawnee reserve and hunting areas also dipped into Franklin County. During the Civil War, thousands of other Union-supporting Indians from Indian Territory were also temporarily relocated to Franklin County for their protection—Quapaws, Seneca-Shawnees, Cherokees, Euchees, and Creeks. The 2014 Native Neighbors event will be educational and interesting to visitors interested in formerly local Native Americans and their traditions, and will also highlight the pressures that assured that these natives would be removed once more, this time to Oklahoma. The event will include representatives of many native groups. Besides dancers, musicians, and craftspeople. There will be a “Native Fair” where groups have booths to display artifacts or materials relating to their life today. Visitors travel around the fair and collect cards bearing information about each group and their experiences in Kansas and Missouri. Thus the souvenir of the event becomes a document detailing the diversity and variety of the groups. Since this knowledge is vanishing in the face of modern lifestyles, filming, and thus preserving this information, is critical. A videographer has been engaged to document the event and create visual exhibit material for the Old Depot Museum and its websites. This grant will also help to transition Native Neighbors from a Franklin County event to a traveling event in the heritage area. A resource notebook will be created to pass along to the next site that will host the event.
Amount of Grant Request: $5,000.00

Watkins Museum of History
Journal Exhibit
The proposed project is an expansion of a successful classroom activity into the permanent gallery at the Watkins Museum. The Maggie Herrington journal, kept by a Lawrence teenager in the 1860’s, will introduce families to the daily lives of early Lawrence residents. The proposed interactive gallery installation will feature a reusable family guide, reproduction artifacts and hands-on activities designed for use by family groups (and any group with children) to aid in the understanding of 19th century Lawrence.
Amount of Grant Request: $4950.00

4th Quarter - November 2014

Territorial Capital Museum
New Website for Historic Lecompton
Increasingly, a museum’s first contact with visitors is from a website. Visitors wanting to find information on Lecompton historic sites are no exception. However, when a potential tourist visits our website, they are greeted with a website that is difficult to navigate and not current with the times. Through the years we have been fortunate to have had volunteers to create and maintain our website. The downfall to that is that volunteers can become busy with their own lives and can at times be unreachable or slow to respond. We need a new website and training to maintain it ourselves.
Amount of Grant Request: $1,000.00

Wabaunsee County Historical Society
Freedom’s Frontier in Wabaunsee County
A 14-panel exhibition of photographs, artwork, maps and text that tell the stories of Freedom’s Frontier in Wabaunsee County. The exhibition panels will reflect the themes of the heritage area telling the stories associated with the following subjects in present day Wabaunsee County:
  • Shaping the Frontier: Early exploration, Bourgmont, 1724, Santa Fe Trail, Oregon Trail, Fremont 1843 expedition, Mormon trail of 1854
  • Missouri/Kansas Border War: The Beecher Bible and Rifle Colony and their involvement and leadership within the Free-state cause.
  • Enduring Struggles for Freedom: The Shawnee and Potawatomi emigrant tribes, the Underground Railroad as documented by Charles Leonhardt and others, German emigration colonies.
Amount of Grant Request: $5,000.00

Washburn University
A short film about Ichabod Washburn
Lincoln College (Washburn University) was founded in 1865 by the Association of Congregational Ministers and Churches of Kansas. The college was dedicated to freedom, and committed to providing an education to all – regardless of race or gender. This commitment caught the attention of Massachusetts industrialist Ichabod Washburn, an early benefactor and present namesake. In Mr. Washburn was embodied the principles and idealism that both founded the college and helped forge Kansas as a free state. To bring this story to life, and interpret it as part of our sesquicentennial, we will produce a short film about Mr. Washburn.
Amount of Grant Request: $4,729.00


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