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1st Quarter- February 2017

Little House on the Prairie Museum 
This funding request will replace three existing  signs, one being double sided, that describe the history of the structures that embody the story of Laura Ingalls Wilder traveling in a covered wagon trying to conquer the new land of the undiscovered frontiers. This project also includes funding for a new brochure and 11 postcards. 
Amount of Grant Request: $4058.00

Raytown High School
Race Project KC Expansion
This project expands the efforts of students and teachers at Raytown High School, continuing the Race Project KC initiative, reading and discussing the details of the book "Some of My Best Friends are Black," accompanying it with discussions with author Tanner Colby. 
Amount of Grant Request: $4850.00

Shawnee Town 1929
Enduring Power of Story Workshop Program
This project engages visitors in the important work that story plays in all of our lives. Through the power of memory in intergenerational and teacher training workshops as well as folk tales and fables, the Museum will draw upon program participants' experiences to foster a love of history and a heightened awareness of the shared, sometimes diverse, experiences and struggles of us all. 
Amount of Grant Request: $4350.00

2nd Quarter- May 2017

Arts and AGEing KC 
Museums and Intergenerational Sharing: The Challenges and the Joy of Working with Persons with Dementia and their Caregivers"
Conduct an all day training workshop on how to work with individuals with dementia and their caregivers. This workshop will train museum professionals and their volunteer interpreters. 
Amount of Grant Request: $2800.00

Learning Tree Institute at Greenbush, Southeast Kansas Education Service Center
Greenbush Anywhere Virtual History Project
Launch an exciting expansion of existing distance learning programming to build awareness of the enduring struggles for freedom that have occurred throughout FFNHA. This project will involve four FFNHA partner sites in the development of relevant and engaging history lessons. Greenbush will provide training and support to help sites align lessons to educational standards and engage students using interactive distance learning techniques.
Amount of Grant Request: $4990.56

Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes
She Outranks Me
To design, produce and display a new exhibit panel that features a hero from an era that greatly impacted Fort Scott, the Civil War. The funds will also be used for creating a standing display banner that allows us to share her story at conferences around the country. 
Amount of Grant Request: $4000.00

Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop & Farm Historic Site
In the News: Reprinting Historical Newspapers
To defray approximately 2/3 of the cost of digitally scanning, locating online, retouching, and then professionally printing two copies o thirty-two editions of the Olathe Mirror between 1865 and 1867 to be used in living history programming. 
Amount of Grant Request: $5000.00

Quindaro Underground Railroad Museum
From Quebec to Quindaro 
To fund a 3-day series of four to six educational and entertaining living history presentations in April 2018 concerning the stories and lifestyles of the international fur trade along the waterways of North America that will be offered to students of wide range of educational levels. These presentations will be led by Tim Kent and his wife Doree and will use a multidisciplinary methodology that includes lecture, living history reenactment, interactive displays, and identification and availability of resources to facilitate a deeper understanding of the regional significance of the international fur trade.
Amount of Grant Request: $5000.00

Wornall Majors House Museums
Interpreting Alexander Majors
To modify Majors House interpretation to make it appropriate for self-guided tours, including printing permanent interpretive signage, rearranging artifacts, creating artifact labels, and protecting particularly valuable or vulnerable items vitrines and ropens and stanchions. 
Amount of Grant Request: $2925.00

3rd Quarter- August 2017

Kansas Historical Society
- Kansas Museum of History
To fund eight new Museum After Hours (MAH) lectures at the Kansas Museum of History. We wish to continue this series with eight programs through the end of the centennial commemoration of World War I and the close of the special exhibit “Captured: The Extraordinary Adventures of Colonel Hughes,” who served in both world wars. The lectures endorse the FFNHA’s interpretive theme of Enduring Struggles for Freedom. Seven of the eight speakers work within the 41 counties of FFNHA.
Amount of Grant Request: $3935.00

Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop and Farm Historic Site
Front porch of the 1865 Mahaffie farm house
To defray one third of the cost of the architectural services and planning to repair/rebuild the front porch of the 1865 Mahaffie farm house at the Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop and Farm Historic Site in Olathe, Kansas.
Amount of Grant Request: $5000.00

Community Health Council of Wyandotte County
To complete the second issue of the series, 9 Months, to be used for writer/ artist fees and curriculum creation (see budget). This installment extracts and narrates HEAT Report data collected on single mothers, children’s health, and access to prenatal care.
Amount of Grant Request: $5000.00

Fractured Atlas
eaving the River 
Weaving the River is an immersive art experience that celebrates the unrecognized history of the Wyandot Indian Settlement of Quindaro and current Western University Alumni Association and Unified Government of Wyandotte County Quindaro Townsite. This installation includes a soundscape composed by Jen Appell. Justin Border and Meghan Rowswell will sculpturally interpret the topography of the Missouri and Kansas riverbanks. Between the land masses, Jillian Youngbird will weave a river from sticks and resources collected from the settlement and yarn steeped in water of the Missouri.
Amount of Grant Request: $4960.00

 4th Quarter- November 2017

Lexington Missouri Tourism Bureau
Historical Banners and Cut-Outs
In order to commemorate the historic significance to the town of Lexington, an exhibit in the tourism office of 3 retractable banners that focus on the battle of Lexington, and historic Highway 24 as an “Old Trail” to get you to/from Lexington and their rich history surrounding the foundations of FFNHA’s core mission. Additionally, produce cutouts of local historical figures from Lexington to place in the windows of downtown businesses they once occupied.  
Amount of Grant Request: $1500.00

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