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1st Quarter- February 2018

Lowell Milken center 
Honoring Unsung Hero Mary Bickerdyke 
This funding will allow for the community event Honoring Unsung Hero Mary Bickerdyke to take place. Attendants will learn about Civil War era medicine, practices and modern health preparations. The Lowell Milken Center is partnering with the Fort Scott National Historic Site. 
Amount of Grant Request: $2145

Pony Express National Museum
Historic Photos Kiosk project
This project will develop the Historic Photos Kiosk project. The project will allow for the story of the Pony Express to be conveyed through photographs of the various locations riders stopped at on the trail.

Amount of Grant Request: $3319.80

Kansas City Kansas Public Library 
Guthrie Daguerreotype Preservation and Interpretation
This project will allow for a vital photo to undergo preservation and exhibition within the library's Quindaro exhibit and will also allow for further community interpretation through the library website. 
Amount of Grant Request: $1200

Jackson County Historical Society
Party Like It's 1843! 
Funding will allow for the offset of costs for the event, "Party Like It's 1843!". This event will feature a lecture series, frontier fashion show, music, living history and much more. This three day cultural festival celebrates the 175th anniversary of the Great Migration on the Oregon Trail. 

Amount of Grant Request: $2880.90

Cass County Historical Society 
Burnt District Exhibit 2.0
Funding will allow for the redevelopment of an existing exhibit, including a partnership with Next Exit History, a web-platform that will allow for GPS based tours and exciting programming throughout the district and the museum. 

Amount of Grant Request: $3900 



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