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1st Quarter- February 2018

Lowell Milken center 
Honoring Unsung Hero Mary Bickerdyke 
This funding will allow for the community event Honoring Unsung Hero Mary Bickerdyke to take place. Attendants will learn about Civil War era medicine, practices and modern health preparations. The Lowell Milken Center is partnering with the Fort Scott National Historic Site. 
Amount of Grant Request: $2145

Pony Express National Museum
Historic Photos Kiosk project
This project will develop the Historic Photos Kiosk project. The project will allow for the story of the Pony Express to be conveyed through photographs of the various locations riders stopped at on the trail.

Amount of Grant Request: $3319.80

Kansas City Kansas Public Library 
Guthrie Daguerreotype Preservation and Interpretation
This project will allow for a vital photo to undergo preservation and exhibition within the library's Quindaro exhibit and will also allow for further community interpretation through the library website. 
Amount of Grant Request: $1200

Jackson County Historical Society
Party Like It's 1843! 
Funding will allow for the offset of costs for the event, "Party Like It's 1843!". This event will feature a lecture series, frontier fashion show, music, living history and much more. This three day cultural festival celebrates the 175th anniversary of the Great Migration on the Oregon Trail. 

Amount of Grant Request: $2880.90

Cass County Historical Society 
Burnt District Exhibit 2.0
Funding will allow for the redevelopment of an existing exhibit, including a partnership with Next Exit History, a web-platform that will allow for GPS based tours and exciting programming throughout the district and the museum. 

Amount of Grant Request: $3900 


 2nd Quarter- May 2018

De Soto Historical Society
Preserving the Diverse Stories of De Soto, Kansas’ History
Funding will allow for the Purchase the De Soto newspapers from the Kansas Historical Society, transfer them to microfilm, make them accessible to the public and available for research and interpretation.

Amount of Grant Request: $4433 

Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop and Farm Historic Site 
Interpretive/Wayfinding Kiosks for Mahaffie Historic Site Grounds
Grant funds will defray almost half of the cost of designing, fabricating and installing three kiosks on the grounds of Mahaffie Historic Site for wayfinding and interpretation.

Amount of Grant Request: $5000

Oregon-California Trails Association
Telling the Story of Shaping the Frontier via the Oregon-California Trails Association’s Gateway (St. Joseph) Chapter Website
Funds will allow for the building of the Oregon-California Trails Association’s (OCTA) Gateway (St. Joseph) Chapter Website.

Amount Requested: $4977.50

Reel Images Film and Video Group
18th Street lives
Funds will allow for the development of the documentary film, “18th Street lives”. The documentary will chronicle the history of Kansas City’s 18th and Vine district from the early to the mid twentieth century.

Amount of Grant Request: $4998.40

Friends of the Free State Capitol Inc.
Reenactment of the 1856 Dispersal of the Legislature at Constitution Hall in Topeka
Funds will allow for, an important event in local, state, regional and national history to be brought to life through dramatic interpretation. Federal forces on orders of President Franklin Pierce surrounded Constitution Hall, aimed cannons, and broke up the meeting of the Free State government. 
Amount of Grant Request: $1100

Wornall/Majors House Museums
Freighting on the Frontier: Blacksmith Shop & Wagon Room Project
Funds will allow for the improvement of the interpretation of the Alexander Majors House blacksmith shop and wagon room, including the stories of the employees and enslaved men who worked for him on his property.

Amount of Grant Request: $2025.27


3rd Quarter- August 2018


The Baker University Archives and Old Castle Museum
Museum Grade Mannequin  
This award will facilitate the purchase of a museum-grade mannequin for the purpose of displaying cloth materials. The mannequin’s immediate purpose would be to display cloth materials found in the collection, but in the long-run will support cloth materials found throughout the archives. This will display items related to the themes of Freedom's Frontier. 

Amount of Grant Request: $988.90


City of Fountains Foundation
Bronze Statue Addition  
The fountain honors the founder of Kansas City, Francois Chouteau, and the Native Americans who lived and traded in the area. Funds will allow for the addition of a bronze statue depicting Native Americans in the area. 
Amount of Grant Request: $5,000.00

Clay County Museum and Historical Society
Battle of Liberty Exhibit, Driving/ Walking Tour and Documentary 
Funds will allow for the creation of a documentary, exhibit, and walking/driving tour focusing on the Civil War and the Battle of Liberty. 

Amount of Grant Request: $5,000.00

Jesse James Birthplace and Museum
Website Update 
Funding will allow for the updating of  the Jesse James Birthplace website, in order to create an engaging experience and clear point of contact for potential and past visitors of the site.  

Amount of Grant Request: $5,000.00

Lecompton Historical Society
Website Update 
This will allow for the creation of a highly secure website, designed to best reflect the historical significance of Lecompton and its role in shaping the history of the state, region and the nation.

Amount of Grant Request: $5,000.00

Lawrence Community Food Alliance (Sunrise Project)
People’s History of East Lawrence Tour
Funds will allow for the creation of a deeper understanding of the history, stories and places that have shaped Lawrence
through a focus on lesser known stories. Eastside People’s Intercultural Center (Epicenter) will assume responsibility for the creation of lesson plans and brochures—achieved by centering voices of witnesses, their descendants, marginalized peoples and local historians—and will also organize an event celebrating the opening of the exhibit and tour.

Amount of Grant Request: $2,500.00

Douglas County Historical Society
Discover the Stories that Define Lawrence Brochure
The Watkins Museum of History will create a brochure (Discover the Stories that Define Lawrence), that will promote the Watkins Museum of History in a new way—by engaging visitors with the community’s unique past first, then encouraging them to visit the Watkins Museum for the full story.

Amount of Grant Request: $1,496.00

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