In celebration of the 60th anniversary of the most important Supreme Court decision of the 20th Century, Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site is proud to announce our Twitter Re-Enactment of the Brown v. Board decision and the national reaction that followed.

The Re-Enactment will take place on Saturday, May 17 and Sunday May 18, 2014 between 9:00am and 5:00pm. To get the whole story, follow the hashtag #Brown1954. We’ve created dozens of “characters,” from Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren (@SC_CJ_EWarren54), to the vehemently pro-segregationist Governor Herman Talmadge of Georgia (@GovTalmadge54), from churches to citizens on the street, from the Jackson Daily News out of Mississippi (@Jackson_Daily54) to the New York Times (@NY_Times1954). Each of these voices will tweet facts, opinions, or analysis from 1954 drawn from primary sources of the day.

 The Twitter feed on May 17 will focus on the heart of the decision itself, beginning with speculation among the Supreme Court clerks, peaking with excerpts from Chief Justice Warren’s reading of the Brown decision mid-day, and ending with some of the immediate reactions from the press. On May 18, the feed will capture reactions from people, organizations, and newspapers from the north, south and west of the United State that occurred in the month following the decision. Until 3:00pm, the content will be from May 18 itself, after 3:00pm, followers will hear the response from the weeks after May 18.

The park’s official Twitter feed @BRVB_NHS will re-tweet an abridged version of the re-enactment on both days.

The language of social media is distinctive, with abbreviations, slang terminology, and short-cuts. While all of the content in this re-enactment comes from direct quotes pulled from primary sources, it has been lightly “translated” into a format that fits the Twitter platform. So you may see a few missing letters or commas, or abbreviations like “w/” instead of “with” that were used to keep each tweet under 140 characters.

We are eager to hear your response to this re-enactment! Tweet back using #Brown1954Response or email us at



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