We know that, even with help, some schools would still struggle to send students to a place to learn about our themes. Therefore, we are also willing to help bring that content to your classroom in the form of speakers or lessons, up to a cost of $250! We may also be able to help send a teacher to a related workshop or program to grow as a professional and bring back new perspectives or updated content to their school. You do not need to request the full amount – even small purchases –  are eligible! We can fund up to $250, but if your request would exceed that, feel free to contact us to see if we can help with further options.  The steps below must be followed to receive the reimbursement check at the close of the process.

Step One:
Identify the material(s), workshop, or program aligned with our theme(s) towards which you would like FFNHA to provide funds.

Step Two:
A.) Apply to FFNHA’s Education Materials Grant program with documentation of the expected cost(s). Priority will be given to requests for materials, speakers/programs, and/or training provided by an FFNHA partner. Contact us to see if we can assist with this part!
B.) Receive confirmation of preliminary approval or denial from FFNHA.

Step Three:
A.) If approved, use the FFNHA confirmation to request and obtain a PO or begin the equivalent purchasing procedure used by the school.
B.) Submit to FFNHA a copy of the PO or school’s purchase approval, inclusive of documentation of the school’s permission and actual amount FFNHA is asked to reimburse into a school-based account, up to $250. (This could be simply the letterhead that is used, submission of an obvious district PO form, a note verifying an upcoming student assembly, etc). Please see note about guest speakers* below.
C.) Receive final confirmation from FFNHA before proceeding with the purchase.

Step Four:
A.) If approved, you may obtain, schedule, or attend what is to be paid for as stated within the approved application materials.
B.) Send us a Close Out Report and copies of receipt(s) and/or other documentation when the transaction or participation is fully complete.
C.) After FFNHA processes this information, we will be able to send a check payable to the account or office that is to be reimbursed.

Public, private, or charter schools may apply for funds toward curricular materials, programming, or professional development specifically related to our 3 themes, including the hosting of guest speakers. Reimbursement will only be made to a school’s account or FFNHA partner, not to individuals. Homeschooling co-ops may contact FFNHA to determine if they might qualify for funds benefiting a minimum of 15 K-12 grade students.

At a minimum, any purchase must be directly related to one of our themes.

1. Books or videos and curriculum materials or supplies, particularly if they are purchased from a partner or inside the heritage area’s counties. If you aren’t sure who to ask, please contact us first to see if we can help find an FFNHA partner for you to link up with!
2. Registration for workshops or trainings that are specifically linked to improving the teaching of at least one of the three themes, particularly if they are sponsored by a partner or are located inside the heritage area’s counties. Programs, workshops, or materials that are not available inside the heritage area could also receive funding upon acceptance of an explanation detailing the alignment with our themes but that it’s unavailable inside the heritage area.
3. Reimbursement toward a school’s purchase order or payment for travel to workshops or training (excluding all receipts for food/per diems due to federal restrictions on FFNHA).
4. *Guest speakers or programs for K-12 student activities, potentially including a $25 stipend/honorarium for a “half” day or $50 for a “full” school day (or the equivalent of such – i.e. block scheduling, after school programs, etc). A partner site or their representative providing the program could be the recipient of these funds rather than the school, and written permission of the event/speaker by the school would suffice for Part “d” above. In almost all cases, funds cannot be provided to an individual.

1. Per federal guidelines, FFNHA cannot reimburse any expenses toward fundraising or fundraisers, lobbying, food/per diems, or taxes that are incurred on purchases. Please remove (or show as subtracted) these expenses from any applications.
2. Reimbursement must be made to the K-12 organization or account or FFNHA partner site, but not to an individual except in very limited situations on an approved case-by-case basis.
3. Anything that does not have the school’s documented permission to obtain or attend.
4. Field trip destinations that are not located within the 41 counties of the heritage area, but also, potentially, non-partners of FFNHA found within the heritage area, unless the school/teacher receives a rare exemption from FFNHA. Decisions can be made on an individual case-by-case basis.
5. Anything purchased or costs incurred before gaining final approval for funds from FFNHA.
6. Anything that discriminates based on race, color, national origin, gender, age, religion, or physical abilities, etc.
7. Anything violating the principles of or not aligned with the themes of FFNHA, the school district, or applicable educational guidelines.
8. Anything that might jeopardize FFNHA’s ability to obtain future funding or violate the federal guidelines and restrictions upon FFNHA.

What can cause FFNHA to revoke its approval of Education Grant funds or be forced into non-reimbursement?
• Funding may be revoked by Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area at any time, including but not limited to:
• purchases not adhering to the final and fully approved submitted application
• revocation of the school’s or district’s approval
• any non-pre-approved changes to a purchase, vender, destination(s) or date, pricing, or other significant details to the purchase
• a change in the number of students specifically impacted by or in attendance at the time, not including minor fluctuations due to normal student absenteeism, etc
• not providing a full Close Out Report and receipt(s) in a timely and efficient manner and within 10 business days
• submission of unapproved, inaccurate, falsified, personal, or unverifiable receipts
• excessive and/or unanticipated fees regarding material(s), speaker(s), or program(s), etc

Our website does not allow for saving incomplete applications to finish later. Please type your responses on a separate document for copying/pasting into your submission or for editing, safekeeping, or reuse.

Grant awards may vary and be limited by funding to which FFNHA has access at a particular time. Any project not receiving funding during an application review cycle may consult with FFNHA staff, peers and/or colleagues, refocus the project or application to better meet the criteria, and resubmit an application during a later review cycle. General information regarding scoring decisions for a project may be requested by its applicant but decisions for the cycle are final. FFNHA stakeholders and any reviewing participants have the right of and/or responsibility to maintain confidentiality surrounding partner(s)’ submitted materials including finances, discussion regarding applications and awards, and any information not included in public announcements. The applicant receives no guarantee to any partial or full funding by submitting a project proposal.

We are currently accepting applications for FFNHA Education Grants.

Please direct inquiries to 

Kate Sutter, Director of Programming, at [email protected]