Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area (FFNHA) is dedicated to building awareness of the struggles for freedom in western Missouri and eastern Kansas. These diverse, interwoven, and nationally important stories grew from a unique physical and cultural landscape. FFNHA inspires respect for multiple perspectives and empowers residents to preserve and share these stories. We achieve our goals through interpretation, preservation, conservation, and education for all residents and visitors.


  1. Build awareness of the struggles for freedom that took place within the boundaries of Freedom’s Frontier for current and future generations.
  2. Enhance, sustain and preserve the unique cultural and historic assets within our nationally important physical and cultural landscape that fostered these stories.
  3. Inspire tolerance and respect for multiple perspectives.
  4. Preserve and share our nationally important authentic stories in an engaging way.


  1. We will be tolerant and respectful of diverse stories from multiple perspectives.
  2. We will respect property rights.
  3. We will focus on authentic and engaging experiences.
  4. We will honor the region’s peoples, past and present.
  5. We will appreciate unique cultural and historical assets within the nationally important landscape.
  6. We will invest in community engagement, education and empowerment.
  7. We will sustain and grow a sense of place.
  8. We will value and protect the natural environment.
  9. We will consider future generations in everything we do.