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UEI update for grant applicants

By Kate Sutter
NEWS — July 28, 2023

FFNHA partners:

As of 2022, all sub-grant recipients of federal funds must have a current (and free!) UEI.  If you haven’t started (or finished) the process of switching over from DUNS to UEI, it has recently been taking 1-2 days to complete. SAM.gov no longer requests your DUNS, but you will need a digital copy of one or more documents that show the following information: 

  1. An email account that can be accessed by the partner annually for renewal. Private/personal ones are not advised. 
  2. Legal Business Name 
  3. Physical Address with state – no PO Boxes or websites
  4. Start year

They are accepting copies of the documents filed at your Secretary of State’s website, where you can access your articles of incorporation/creation, annual reports, etc! 

  • For Kansas, search for your entity here.
  • For Missouri, search here.

Then at
SAM.gov (do not use any other site and do not pay any scammers for this free service!) you will login or make an account and select “Get Started.”

Move through the steps until it either automatically gives you the UEI or you need to upload verification documents. If you have to submit documents, you will stop after submission. You will wait for an email from “General Services Administration Federal” about your “Incident” being resolved. Usually it is the 2nd email you receive from them. This is good – it means they have added you to their system!

(If you are notified that your incident is not resolved, you will need to read it carefully to provide the necessary documents.)

In that email, there will be a numbered list of instructions to follow. Basically, you will log in to SAM.gov and go to your Workspace. Select the circle with a 1 that is labeled “pending.” It will look like you are starting over and going through the same steps to create a new entity again; but this time, instead of coming to a page to upload documents, you should now see the partner as an option to select. Select yourself, keep moving forward, and with any luck, a UEI will appear on the last step and be sent to your email as well.

Good luck and reach out if you get stuck! 

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